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Make fitness convenient. Pick a facility close to home, on the way to work or school. Look for ample parking, paved & lit lots and eliminate excuses not to workout!

Give yourself options! Is there a variety of equipment, class formats & training spaces? You won’t get bored or burned out if you can workout with different modalities. Avoid injuries and level up performance by adding mobility classes like yoga or cardio sessions such as cycle.

Talk to the team. Ask questions about trainer experience and customized programs. Are the instructors and trainers certified, accredited and experienced? Your investment in classes and personal training are worth it to get expert help, quicker results & avoid injury. 

what’s the environment like? Is it clean and do you see it being maintained? What’s the quality and condition of the equipment? Too cold or hot? What vibes do other gym-goers give? Sometimes, the hardest part of workout out, is showing up. If you feel safe, inspired and motivated at the gym, you’re more likely to show up and make progress.

amenities and offerings where you workout will support your fitness journey. Learn about the perks. Comfortable, secure locker rooms, filtered water, and technology to measure body composition can be part of your membership. What about childcare and selfcare? Centralized offerings to keep your kids, get a smoothie or spray tan make you feel at home at the gym. Access to chiropractor, massage, infrared sauna or red light therapy can keep you feeling your best.

enroll in the right plan for your goals. Seek out family memberships and ask how to get the best value on services. Some insurance programs partner with gyms to offer discounted or free memberships. Facilities promote seasonal sales and special rates for civil servants.